My Own Comic Book Details

I’ve recently come up with an idea and it’s time to implement it. So I want to introduce you to


My own comic book is actually your own comic book! You see, the idea was to create random covers and them complete the inside of the book with blank panels. Why blank panels? Because they need your input!

I have started with a few popular subjects like zombies, dinosaurs and of course, superheroes. I’m adding them to Amazon each priced to sell for $4.99. They include 26 total pages, 21 of which contain 75 empty panels that need to be filled with a story.

There are many more to come. I am even looking at introducing the availability of creating and purchasing custom covers designed by you. Right now the idea is still in it’s infancy, but I’m going to be working hard to keep it growing.

Drop me a message if you have an idea you would like to tell me about or leave it here. I am always willing to listen.dinosaurcomiccover2

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